Saturday, December 11, 2010

"building" healthier families

This morning I was reading more about a (fairly typical) pro-choice initiative called the Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP). Here's some of what they had to say:

"Through training, advocacy and mentoring programs, RHAP helps family physicians and other clinicians make birth control and abortion a part of routine medical care... RHAP builds healthier families."

In other words, according to RHAP, you "build" a healthier family either by:

1. not building a family (i.e. artificially sterilizing one or both of the parents) or
2. building a family and then killing the youngest member of it (i.e. procuring an abortion).

RHAP is typical of countless other "reproductive health" organizations across this country. Why do we stand for any of them?

Vita Pro Omni!

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  1. (First off, I would appreciate it if you responded to the other comment I left you.)

    Since when is birth control the same thing as artificial sterilization? Sterilization is permanent, whereas most forms of birth control are not permanent. And you do realize that many women need to be on birth control pills for health reasons, don't you? Or would you rather those women just had to suffer, rather than letting them have access to birth control pills?

    As for abortion, I already explained why you should support that, so I won't go into my whole spiel again. Suffice to say that forcing women through pregnancy and childbirth against their will is cruel and wrong.